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Capping machine

LTX-80 Pneumatic perfume tying machine

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Scope of application Bottle diameter: 15-50mm
Bottle height: 40-200mm (bottle diameter larger than the above size needs to be customized)
Tie speed:5-15/min
Air pressure: Above 0.4Mpa
weight: 10Kg
size: Length 28 width 22 height 60cm

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1, high efficiency: to complete the capping process needs 3 seconds, while the ordinary rolling Machine takes 30 seconds. 

2, stability is very high: The machine uses pneumatic devices as the power source, the failure rate is much lower than conventional electric capping machine, customers can feel at ease to use. 

3, capping a beautiful appearance: After the unit capping the sample, the appearance is very beautiful, with the current market requirements for the appearance of perfume. 

4, the height can be adjusted: the height of the machine can be adjusted to suit the needs of different capping height ite

Application of manual Perfume capping machine:

Used in perfumery, oral, beer, bottles of penicillin and other port locking package.

Work: capping object Bypass

Lifting mode: Adjustable lifting height

Aircraft type: desktop chassis



Bottle diameter


Bottle height


Tie speed





Length 28  x  width 22  x  height 60cm


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