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CF-330 handheld inkjet printer

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Printing height: CF-330: 2-12.7mm
Printing accuracy: CF-330: 300DPI
Printing distance: 2-5mm
Ink type: water-based/oily/solvent type
Battery capacity: 2200mAh
Data interface: USB
*Language: CF-330: 15 kinds
Control panel: 4.3 inch touch screen

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Printing height

CF-330: 2-12.7mm

Printing accuracy

CF-330: 300DPI

Printing distance


Ink type

water-based/oily/solvent type

Battery capacity


Data interface


Control pane

4.3 inch touch screen

Printing content

text, symbol, two-dimensional code, bar code, picture, date, serial number, etc.

Printing material

pipe, cable, medicine, packaging, glass, metal, etc.


15 kinds: Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, English, Japanese, Korean, French,

Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Vietnamese, Dutch, German


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