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Coding machine

DY-8 hand pressure ribbon coding machine

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voltage: 220V 50/60HZ
power: 100W-240W
Equipment size: 240*240*140mm
Printing speed: 10-80 times/min
Operating temperature: 0-200℃
Print row number: Can print 1-3 rows
Font size: 2*4mm
Preheat time: 5-10 minutes
Machine weight: 2.5kg
Coding style: Arabic numerals, both Chinese and English
Thermal printing tape: Maximum width 35mm

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 Can print codes on thin paper cardboard, paper sheet, leather plastic film, aluminum foil, especially fit for coding on paper box of shoes, clothing. 

Adopt constant temperature controlling and adjustable temperature, printed suitable for color ribbon made out of different kinds of materials.

It can automatic continuously print codes or control by handle. 



220V 50/60HZ



Equipment size


Printing speed

10-80 times/min

Operating temperature


Print row number

Can print 1-3 rows

Font size


Preheat time

5-10 minutes

Machine weight


Coding style

Arabic numerals, Chinese and English

Thermal printing tape

Maximum width 35mm


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