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Induction sealing machine

6000 continuous electromagnetic induction sealing machine

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Power supply: 220V50/60HZ
Power: 1800W
Work efficiency: 0-10m/min, the speed will vary with different bottle sizes and materials
Sealing diameter: 15-80mm
Applicable bottle height: 20-280mm
Machine weight: 38Kg
Overall size: 110*70*50

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 All heating parts of the machine adopt forced cooling technology of air cooling, which greatly reduces the manufacturing cost and miniaturizes the equipment. Enhance the stability of the equipment and reduce the price of the equipment, to achieve the design requirements of high quality and low price.

The machine is designed with an intuitive input power voltmeter and an induction current meter, so as to make timely adjustment when the voltage and current cannot meet  the requirements of normal operation, so as to ensure the quality of sealing.

The conveyor of this machine has the function of electronic step less speed regulation. In the process of sealing, the speed can be adjusted immediately according to the change of voltage and current, so as to achieve the best sealing quality and speed ratio.

The sensor head of the machine can be used for two levels of up and down, and it can adapt to the sealing of sealing objects in the height range of 60-110mm.

The machine also has the protection function and direct indication function when the sealing current is too high and the temperature of main components is too high, so as to extend the service life of the equipment.


Power supply




Work efficiency


Sealing diameter


Applicable bottle height


Machine weight


Overall size



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