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Induction sealing machine

2000A-l continuous electromagnetic induction sealing machine

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Power supply: 220V50/60HZ
Power: 1.5KW
Work efficiency: 0-12m/min, the speed will vary with different bottle sizes and materials
Sealing diameter: 20-130mm
Applicable bottle height: 40-300mm
Machine weight: 72Kg
Overall size: 1550*550*1350mm

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 This machine is an automatic electromagnetic induction sealing machine which is used for the production line. Mainly used to seal bottles with aluminum foil for pharmacy, chemical industry, pesticide, food, cosmetics, light industry, etc., is specially used in harsh environment.

This model   continuous induction water cooling sealant is suitable for sealing containers from pharmaceutical, pesticide, food, cosmetic, petrochemical and chemical industries.LGYS-2500B water cooled continuous induction sealant adopts electromagnetic induction principle to produce instant hot melt aluminum foil. It then sticks to the bun opening, achieving the goal of protecting against moisture, leakage, mildew, and extending preservation time.

The electric control is split from the cooling part, so the cooling efficiency is more ideal.The container material can be polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polystyrene (PS), polyester (PET), ABS and glass, ceramics, etc., but not for metal bottles and caps.

This model adopts a strong tube control electric circuit, the sensor head uses a concave sensitivity structure.

Which is characterized by high power output, fast compaction speed, stable performance, strong corrosion resistance.It is suitable for long-term use in high acidity or alkalinity, high humidity and dust in Harsh environment (such as pesticides. Plants for drinks, etc.)

This machine can be used alone or in a production line.



Power supply




Work efficiency


Sealing diameter


Applicable bottle height


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